Terms & Condition

Terms & Condition

  1. Payment
  1. a) If any product/parts purchased then the payment will be on delivery.
  2. b) For any service/project the payment will be 25% advance, 50% during the service & 25 % after the completion of service/project.
  3. c) For AMC (annual maintenance contract) payment will be 50 % advance & 50% after the completion of 6 months.
  4. d) For late payment with regards to all the above terms, 18 % interest per day will be applicable on charges.
  5. e) All the rates provided in quotes will be applicable for 12 hrs only. It shall vary at any given time after 12 hrs. The package charges of AMC shall vary at any given time for which the sole authority will be on us.
  1. No return or exchange back once the product/parts/service is purchased.
  2. No warrantee on China products.
  3. If any branded product is purchased with company warrantee, then for any damage or change of service, we will not be responsible for it & company service station will have to be contacted for the same.
  4. For any product or service that is purchased without parts, incase of damage the company purchasing or buyer will bear the cost of damages.
  5. a). During AMC if any data loss occurs or it is misplaced or damaged, the company or buyer itself will be responsible for the same.

b). In case of data recovery if it is successful, 100% payment will have to be made & if it is not successful 25% payment will have to be made for our services given to the company or buyer.

  1. If customization is done by us & there is other service provider then for any changes that occur we will not be responsible for it in future.
  2. a).  For website development or application development project, if any changes are to be made after the prescribed time limit decided for the project, then additional charges of the same will have to be made. 

b). Once the website or application is developed, we shall provide 3 free visits if any modifications, however further visits will be chargeable.

c.)  After the website development is over, the User Id & password for the same will be handed over to the company or buyer. If any damage, loss, change or misplacement takes place post it then we shall not be responsible for the same.

d.) For content writing of website, its domain registration, web space, copyright or logo registration, or outlook configuration extra charges for it will be applicable.

  1. If any damage takes place in the assembled item within 1 year warrantee then the company or buyer will have to visit us for the same.
  2. a). For any goods purchased, transportation charges will be borne by the buyer or company buying.

b). If any damage, loss, theft or misplacement takes place during the transit of goods, then we shall not be responsible for the same.

  1. If any electronic item is damaged due to water or is hit by a fall, then we shall not provide any warrantee for it.
  2. If during AMC, any part of product is damaged, we would not guarantee to replace it temporarily with our parts or products.
  3. During AMC, visits for service as decided for any 1 computer/laptop, the said visit/service will not be applicable for any other computer/laptop.
  4. If the bill is misplaced, we would not provide warrantee.
  5. Communication for website or application designing, developing, training for the same would be majorly done through mails.
  6. During AMC if customization is done additionally or the same is done more then once, extra charges of it will be applicable.
  7. During AMC if Microsoft asks for license of use or raids against the pirated version, the buyer or company buying will have to purchase the license by themselves.
  8. For any pc/laptop without licensed Anti-virus, any damages that occur due to virus for the same we would not be responsible for it.
  9. We shall be under no liability for any failure, delay or omission by it in the performance if such failure delay or omission arises from any cause beyond our control, including, but not limited to acts of God, acts or regulations of any governmental or supra-national authority, war or national emergency, fire, civil disobedience, strikes, lock-outs, technical black-out and industrial disputes.