About Us

About Us:-

                           Gayatri Solution is a leading company in the field of Information & Technology. With years of experience we have diversified & serve our clients with world class Internet specialized services, Hardware, Website Design & Development, Web Applications & Software, E-commerce Solutions, Office Management Solutions, Data Management Centre & 24 hrs technical support. We serve our clients with such an approach that it reflects their needs & also provide them with imaginative & inspiring product solutions as well. Also we have come up with special trainings on various platforms of web applications, software like tally, MS-Office & Data Centralization, Security System.

Key Benefit: Our website is accessible In any language. Choose from any of the languages of your choice. Our blog is also easily accessible in mobiles too.

Our Goal:-

                          We offer a wide range of services to facilitate all our clients to make their business bigger & aim at being a one stop solution when it comes to Software, Hardware, Networking, Consulting, Office Management Solutions. Also we aim at developing uniformity for all day to day used functions, software, applications forms & their submission thus serving the future purpose of all companies & making it easy for all our clients to scrutinize & synchronize all the data for management thereby creating our brand value through our ideals, values & professional dedication.

Scope of Service:-

Computer Hardware

Office Management Services

Web Development

Software Development

Annul Maintenance Services

Networking Solution

Security Setup

Central Storage

Backup & Control

System Administration

Server Up gradations

Special Training

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